Episode #14 – Managing Multiple Roles Using GTD

When you listen to this interview with Jeff Heilman, you’ll be amazed how much he does. He’s got a thriving sales career, plus he’s a pro golfer. And a husband, and a father, and much more. Jeff says he always dreamed of becoming the guy who has his act together, and GTD is the pathway. In this interview, he talks with Mike Williams about how he heard about GTD, and his subsequent installation and implementation journey. Somewhere along the way, he says he was able to take on more work than his boss could give him. Now that’s saying a lot. But beyond work, Jeff says that “GTD leads to the freedom to pursue what I choose.”

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  1. Very interesting interview. I, too, need a digital solution, for organizing my GTD processes across multiple platforms. I am curious what “app” j FF is using. He refe ended it rely in the interview.

      1. Thank you for posting this, I also had a hard time making out which app he recommended and was curious!

    1. Would highly recommend using Asana. Their web based application (for desktop use) is AMAZING, and while it’s not quite as wonderful, the mobile phone app is pretty good, too. Plus, they really embrace GTD and have multiple videos showing new users how to setup their Asana account to implement the main methodologies of GTD.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the App. I heard the word “Things” but didn’t realize that was the name of the App. Figured it would be Evernote or Nozbe. I’ll check it out. What’s the Teddy Roosevelt book he mentioned?

  3. Very inspiring episode. I would love to listen to Jeff again on a new GTD topic.

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