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Q: How should I choose which system to use (digital vs. paper) for GTD?todolist

David Allen: Pay attention to your intuition, or just simply: What do you feel like using as a system? We’ve discovered people tend to resist the GTD® implementation process enough as it is, so you need all the help you can get to be motivated to work the system. If you know you’d like to be digital, don’t waste time on a paper system. But if you like the look and touch and feel of a cool notebook, go for it. No system works unless you work it.




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  1. Hi there:

    Just a few very personal ideas. For my GTD system -at work, on my daily commute and everywhere else- I use Evernote. I have installed the Evernote widget bar on my phone, so I can “write” down everything, anywhere.

    But I also got back to paper. I really love MUJI notebooks and always have one at hand. Often I take a picture of important notes and store them digitally in Evernote. There are also beautyful Moleskine notebooks designed for Evernote. Those are one of the best ways to unify both worlds.

    Using different tools allows me a maximum of creativity.



    p.s. The GTD set-up guide for Evernote was a great help! Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have got the most out of this awesome software tool. For real Evernote enthusiasts, I also would recommend Mohio-Map. A tool that turns your notes into awesome mind-maps!

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