EPISODE #37 – Tips for a Year-End Review

The new year is always a great excuse to zoom out and recalibrate how your system is running, and a year-end review is an excellent way to do exactly that. In this conversation that first showed up on GTD Connect, David Allen & Coach Kelly Forrister give us some quick and practical tips for successfully performing a year-end review.

For more coaching tips on doing a yearly review, join David and Kelly on January 18, 2018 for a members-only webinar on GTD Connect on Aligning Your Agreements for 2018. Open to all monthly and yearly GTD Connect members (sorry, not available on free trial). The webinar will give you an opportunity to take a deeper look at what you’ve agreed to and how aligned it is with the experience you want in 2018. Login to GTDConnect.com to sign up for the webinar, using the link on the home page. Questions about becoming a member or registering for the webinar? Contact our team at [email protected].


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  1. I seem to remember a GTD pdf with year review questions, like ‘What were the wins for the year?’ and ‘What risks did you take’ etc. Is this document still available somewhere? 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hello AML. Yes, we did have something like that at one time that accompanied a webinar. We’ll see if we can track it down and we’ll post it to the GTD Connect Document Library if we find it. Thanks!

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