How do I get other people to do GTD?

Team GTDQuestion: How do I get other people to do GTD?

David Allen’s answer: Getting other people to do GTD is really about: How do we effectively communicate? How do we not have to have ambiguous non-decisions made about stuff? So, if nothing else, make sure you have your own GTD system in practice and let everybody else know how to engage with it.

For example, a simple one to implement is letting everybody know where your in-tray is on your desk for new input. And if they have something you need to see, and you’re not around, that’s exactly where it goes—nowhere else. In other words, don’t let them use anything else, like putting sticky notes on your computer screen, or notes on your chair, or whatever else people do. You can also train them to stop interrupting you when they have something they need to give you. If they trust you’ll see it in that designated in-tray (because you’re emptying it regularly and tracking your commitments from what you process), they start to use it instead of yanking on you to make sure you “see” what they want to make sure you see.

For more resources on implementing GTD for teams, visit GTD Connect.


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  1. Hi folks,

    I don’t see people having physical in trays around anymore. I see people having their virtual inboxes (usually in Outlook) overflowed every now and then but I also know some people who implement inbox zero very stringent (me included).

    The downside of software inboxes is that they are not as visible as hardware inboxes.


    1. Hi Alex, good for you for having that inbox zero habit.

      As for people not having physical in-trays, likely all the flat surfaces in their homes and offices become in-trays.

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