New GTD® & Google® Apps Setup Guide

We’ve updated our GTD & Google Apps for Desktop Setup Guide to work with the latest versions of Google Tasks™, Google Keep™, Gmail™, and more. If you passed over Google Tasks in the past because of its limited functionality, the new version is much more user-friendly and functional.  Download or see a sample.


This Guide will show you how to:
– Understand the fundamental GTD best practices
– Optimally configure Google Apps in the way we have found works best for GTD
– Integrate your actionable email and how to turn email into Tasks
– Create project and next actions lists in Google Tasks or Keep
– Create useful reference lists in Tasks, Keep, or Drive
– Use shortcuts to speed up your workflow
… and much more!


PDF Download (39 pages)


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  1. Hello, this is great but do you have a trainer that would be able to deliver this in person with a group of people? This is for google employees. thanks

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