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Looking for the best coaching advice on getting GTD® setup in your favorite tool? Check out our popular GTD Setup Guides. They are written by our GTD experts and are packed with step-by-step instructions and advice on how to get the most out of many common tools for Getting Things Done®.

We currently have GTD Setup Guides for:

Outlook® for Windows®
Outlook® for Mac®
Google® Apps
Evernote® for Windows
Evernote® for Mac
OneNote® for Windows
Lotus Notes®
Paper Organizers

You can find them all in our GTD Shop, including free samples to get an idea about what’s of the content. Monthly and Annual GTD Connect members can download Setup Guides for free on

We are working on an Asana® guide now and will post more news on that when we are closer to releasing it. We are also updating our Google Apps Guide and Outlook 2019 for Mac, as they UI and features changed significantly on both.

We can’t create guides for every tool out there, but we’re always open to suggestions for what you’d like to see!



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  1. The apps you guys have made setup guides for are great, but I would find a GTD setup guide for the MacOS and iOS app “2Do” very helpful. I’m just getting started on my GTD journey, and other GTD methodology users recommended I use 2Do.

    Thanks for reading!

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