Episode #87: David Allen with a Two-minute Tip—Be Crazy About What Could Be Cool

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Podcast Transcript

Two-minute Tips for Turbulent Times with David Allen
Be Crazy About What Could Be Cool

You know this is another one of those kind of out of the box things but this could be a really good time to do some reflection on new stuff. New relationships. New ways to manage your relationships. New ways of managing yourself. Being able to work more independently, even if you’re still part of an organization, and need to be connected to it.

We grow with challenges, so the challenges that we may all be in right now or experiencing in some way, shape, or form they’re going to teach a strength, patience, and tolerance I’ve discovered after my 75 years. That tends to show up and expand, and kind of add to the quality of my life. Add to the relaxation of my life. Add to the focus of my life.

One very useful key many times, is journaling. If you’re not doing that already you might want to consider just sitting down and just writing. Just writing out. I’ve done journaling on both my computer as well as with a great fountain pen and a wonderful journal, over the years in my life.

There have been times that was really really helpful. Just to help kind of uncork, unload and open up some creative thinking that could go on when you’re in times that sort of force some reflection where reflection could be highly useful to you. So, be crazy about what could be cool in your life, in lots of different ways. Be open to all the options for that.

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