Episode #134: Integrating the Higher Horizons

This is an installation and implementation session on the higher Horizons of Focus. We will spend time exploring if anything has your attention at each of the horizons, and will end with integrating the horizons at the project and next action levels.

During the session, there are sections where you can create or refine what you have on each of the horizons. The prompt questions for each of the horizons are listed below. These sections were about five minutes each in the live webinar. We have edited out those sections of silence for this recording. Please feel free to stop the recording as you reach those sections, and use the prompt questions below to work on each of your horizons.

The webinar concluded with these two thoughts:

  • Without clear purpose and direction you could easily be busy doing off-course things and wonder why a meaningful life is so elusive
  • Getting the right small things done directly contributes to an authentic and meaningful life

HORIZON 5: Purpose and Principles
My purpose and principles contribute to my authentic life.

Trigger Questions:

  • What gets me up out of bed in the morning?
  • What is most meaningful to me?
  • What, if I am doing or expressing it, makes me feel like I am being who I really am, at my best?
  • When do I feel like I really show up?
  • What really matters to me, in terms of how I live and work?
  • What do I hold as standards for myself, no matter what, in terms of how I am living and working?

HORIZON 4: Vision
My purpose and principles influence my vision.
My vision contributes to my purpose and principles.

Trigger Questions:

  • If I were wildly successful fulfilling my purpose, living my principles, what might be true for me, several years from now?
  • What might I be doing?
  • What might I have?
  • What experiences might I be having?

Contexts: Career

Time horizons: 5 years?
10 years?
20 years?

HORIZON 3: Goals and Objectives
My vision influences my goals and objectives.
My goals and objectives contribute to my vision.

Trigger Question:
Given what’s currently in play, and what I’ve thought about today, what are the things I need to have happen, or would like to have true for me, within the next 12 to 24 months?

HORIZON 2: Areas of Focus and Accountability
My goals and objectives influence my areas of focus and accountability.
My areas of focus and accountability contribute to my goals.

Trigger Questions:

  • What are the areas of accountability in my work?
  • What are the areas of focus in my life?

HORIZON 1: Projects
My areas of focus and accountability influence my projects.
My projects contribute to my areas of focus and accountability.

GROUND: Calendar/Actions
My projects influence my next actions.
My next actions contribute to my projects.
My next actions get the things that are meaningful to me done.
(June 2021)

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