Episode #163: David Allen talks with Jason Atwood

Jason Atwood has built GTD® into his company from the start. Listen as he shares with David Allen about starting Arkus, a Salesforce consulting firm, well after his own GTD® practice was on a solid foundation. Beyond encouraging his employees to adopt GTD®, he provides them with ongoing tools and support. During the onboarding period, he even meets with new employees to answer questions and refine their GTD® implementation.

Jason is also inspiring the next generation, starting with his daughter, who has read Getting Things Done for Teens and begun putting it into practice.

His Twitter handle is @jasonmatwood (twitter.com/jasonmatwood), where he tweets about Salesforce, of course, and also about which music and coffee drink is along for his weekly review.

(Originally published in November of 2018 on GTD Connect®)

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