Episode #176: GTD® Success Factors – pt 3

In this series, David Allen, Meg Edwards, and Marian Bateman take you through how to keep the system going by examining the Review and Do phases of GTD®. Learn how to review your system, including what to review when and the different horizons of focus, so you can trust the choices you are making about what to do. Also includes an in-depth walk through of the Weekly Review, with Coach Meg Edwards sharing her recommendations on how to productively spend an hour getting clear and current.

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  1. Thank you Meg for your excellent coaching style that helps people understand that it’s not about doing everything right but it’s about knowing the right things to do ! This is not an original thought on my part but something that made all the difference to me some years ago. Coaching requires teaching the fundamentals , those who are learning the fundamentals have to experience why they are so important . That experience must be felt emotionally . Thank you Meg , David & GTD team for this important and valuable work ! Best Regards Cookie

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