Episode #191: GTD for Educators

Join us for a discussion of how two educators apply the GTD methodology. Erik Johnson teaches high school in Chicago, and David Drake is a professor of microbiology at the University of Iowa. They both have a passion for teaching, and have adapted GTD make their busy profession easier to manage. You’ll hear them talk about their areas of focus, projects, and daily routines around email, meetings, and teaching. They also consider how educators can adapt context-based lists to their environment. As a bonus, they both describe what tools they use and why.

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1 Comment

  1. Hi from Australia,
    GTD teacher here. Your guests left off checklists! These have saved me so much time and stress since I adopted GTD. I have a checklist for every class that lists special needs for individual students – everything from permission to wear headphones, to safety contracts and strategies that have worked for challenging behaviours. I also have checklists for repeat events like excursions, open nights and parent meetings. This means I remember important steps and can focus on enjoying the occasion. I even have an intention checklist that I tick off each morning before getting out of the car! It reminds me why I teach and really helps on bad days.

    I work at a school full of students who live with and come from trauma, we have many teachers leave each year due to the stress. GTD has helped me to not just persevere, but love my work.

    Thank you from the bottom of my (empty) in basket for everything you do,


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