Episode #206: David Allen talks with Greg Shepard

David describes Greg Shepard as a lifelong learner on steroids. When you hear Greg talk about all that he has done, and still plans to do, you’ll understand how that description fits. He has a history of taking on a variety of big challenges, because he believes that, “The bigger the problem the better the opportunity.” Other people have bought more than one copy of Getting Things Done, but you’ll find that Greg had an unusual reason for doing that. One of his current interests is altruistic capitalism, the idea that businesses should have concern for doing good beyond making a profit. You’ll be inspired by his dedication to making the world a better place.

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  1. Very interesting interview. David kept trying to pin him down to say what were the steps that actually made you successful. Greg could have done a better job I think of listing steps 1-10 etc. He seemed to round and round without nailing the subject.

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