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There will be many different tools that support the implementation of the GTD® methodology (i.e. no one tool will handle everything you need).  Here are some of the most common ones we come across in our work with clients.  We have evaluated these to know their features, benefits, and applicability to the GTD  approach. We encourage you to experiment to find what works best for you.

Please contact the software developers listed below for sales and technical support for these programs.

List Managers

Digital List Managers



Google Apps®

IBM Lotus Notes®

Microsoft 365®

Microsoft OneNote®

Microsoft Outlook®

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft To Do



Paper Organizers




We offer GTD Setup Guides on the software programs listed above. Visit our online store for details.

Capture Tools



Brainstorming Tools




If you do not see a software option for your platform, please visit our community forums and the Slice of GTD Life recordings and articles on GTD Connect for additional suggestions. And, we are always exploring more tools to enhance our own systems and are happy to share what we find with the GTD community. Please stay tuned!


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    1. Thanks for your suggestion. Does Todoist support GTD fully and using GTD terms (or can it be configured to do so)?

      1. Todoist can be configured to support GTD. That configuration is what our setup guide details. This description page includes links to sample PDFs in letter and A4 sizes.

  1. Wunderlist has been shut down, and Microsoft To Do is now the new tool. It’s quite similar, and would consider it a fair GTD replacement.

  2. I do miss Facilethings – I am a long time passionate user, it fully implements GTD and guides through the process of applying GTD. No other tool comes even close in my perception – and I tried them all.

    1. I agree, I hv been following it for so long. Finally happy to see facilethings doing exact job.
      It has some improvements needs though.

    1. Hi, and thanks for asking.

      This post was created before we had the Asana guide, but we have just updated the post to show Asana.

  3. Why is ClickUp not on the list, it is really a amazing software where you can capture, have list and there is even a template bases on GTD

    1. Hi Mark, Clickup is on our list of potential guides. Thanks for adding your voice for that.

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