Email Best Practices for Teams

A client asked me for our best practices around email communications, to share with their globally dispersed teams. They had learned the keys to getting to inbox zero, but their productivity was stymied by the sheer volume of unproductive emails being sent around the company. These tips were born out of the shared practices we use here at […]

7 tips for dealing with email

A Community Contribution from Erik Hanberg Here’s how I deal with email and keep from getting too overloaded: I have one inbox. Everything goes to the same place (accounts either forward to Gmail or I’ve actually set Gmail up to reply from those accounts). I only check email when I can reply to it easily. […]

GTD & Email

Dear David Allen: I am looking for a guide/product about using email so that one’s worklife does not become overwhelmed with email.  We are an office of 30 people, and we have gotten in the habit of emailing each other rather than walking down the hall to talk.  We don’t have time to talk since […]

Tricks for capturing Waiting For emails

One of the key buckets in your GTD system is Waiting For.  So what’s the biggest creator of Waiting For? Sent emails. Sure, you could slog through your Sent folder for which ones you actually need to make sure to track, but that’s like searching for a contact lens on the beach.  Good luck having […]

When email becomes a two-headed monster

Q: I think email is becoming a two-headed monster. It is vital but more and more people ignore them, don’t read fully etc. How can we move forward with accomplishing goals in this environment? Are there ideas you can offer regarding effective corporate communications and task handoffs? David Allen’s answer: Essentially email is no different […]

Can GTD help with too much email volume?

In my earlier blog post about getting your email inbox down to zero, GTD’er Gil asked the question, “So, what do you suggest when the problem seems to be the sheer quantity, not just mail management practices?” There are two things I would look at:  Speed + Input One angle to consider is to get […]