Episode #18 – Sharing GTD with Kids & Teens

Coaches Meg Edwards and Mike Williams share strategies, techniques, and insights for engaging kids and teens in GTD. They’ll weave in personal stories from their own experience as parents, and give practical exercises for bringing the power of GTD to young people in your life.   Listen Now   Subscribe or Download iTunes Stitcher Libsyn […]

GTD with Kids and Teens

Join David Allen Company CEO and GTD expert Mike Williams and Senior Coach Meg Edwards as they discuss some fun and engaging ways to share GTD with kids and teens.

How to Plan Your Best GTD Christmas

David Allen’s Natural Planning Model seriously saves my sanity on everything from birthday party planning to creating new programs for my website, so this year, I decided to use the five steps of the Natural Planning Model to create a Christmas experience that is both magical and meaningful.

Back to school: GTD is the solution for parents

A Community Contribution from April Perry The first day of school started out great. My three oldest children dressed in their new clothes, laced up their new shoes, ate a healthy breakfast, and then headed off to school with homemade sack lunches and brightly-colored, fully-stocked pencil cases. I felt like a wonderful mom. They returned […]

The Tickler File–The Key to a Clutter-free Refrigerator

A Community Contribution from April Perry Just about every mother I know has a refrigerator that is completely covered with party invitations, handouts for school assignments, reminders for community events, coupons, and about 50 other things calling out, “Me! Me! Me!” We’re so afraid of the “out of mind, out of sight” rule, that we […]

GTD for Moms

Community Contribution from April Perry Mothers need Getting Things Done as much as (or more than!) any other group. Why? Let me show you a glimpse into my life “pre-GTD.” My 7-year-old son, Ethan: Mom, want to see this cool toy lizard I got as a prize today? Me: Yep. Ooh. That’s neat. (Then in […]

How GTD can help with applying to college

I recently presented a seminar where a participant brought up the project of getting her daughter into college.  Since that had been a project for me as well, I wrote to her about how I applied the “Natural Planning Model” to this project. For those of you unfamiliar with the Natural Planning Model, it is […]

Surviving the holidays GTD-style

Meghan Wilker–mom, social media maven, and GTD’er-extraordinaire, brings her tips for surviving the holidays GTD-style. Enjoy! This weekend kicked off the holiday season which, for most people, is synonymous with utter chaos. Often, work projects need to be wrapped up by end-of-year, we are inundated with party invitations from friends, clients, and vendors and — […]

The gift of MacBooks + OmniFocus + GTD for an entire school system

GTD enthusiast Kerry Gallivan has been working with a wonderful project in Maine that is bringing MacBooks,  OmniFocus & GTD to nearly 60,000 students and educators.  It’s an amazing story and congratulations to all involved in making this happen.  Truly a remarkable achievement which will greatly benefit the students, teachers, their families and communities. As […]

The Freedom to Make a Big, Fat Mess

A couple of weeks ago (during an In Conversation that will be posted later this summer on GTDConnect), David Allen asked me if I practice GTD with my kids. In response, I laughed and said, “No.” After all, my daughter is three years old and my son is just nine months. They can hardly do GTD, […]

An experiment by a 'GTD parent'

Mike Williams, speaker at the recent GTD Summit, and longtime friend of David Allen Company, sent us this story with us about his experience sharing GTD with his kids. We thought this was fitting to share on Father’s Day. I am always running experiments with my kids (queue the evil scientist laugh!).  I would love […]

GTD balancing act in three steps: The weekly review with kids

“Work and play are words used for the same thing under differing conditions” —Mark Twain All good things come in three’s—just like the steps of the weekly review: Get Clear Get Current Get Creative Getting work done First get clear. Collect everything in one place—the loose bits of paper, assignments, toys, (school) books and randomly […]

The (wash)-IN basket to empty: doing laundry with kids the GTD way

David Allen starts the RoadMap seminar: “GTD is all about the lazy way of getting things done”. That got me thinking. Getting things done – that means everything done. Yes even the wash. Done. Getting the wash-IN basket to empty can be done in 2 minutes. Each stage in the process need not take longer – […]

The habits of GTD

The GTD weekly review is a great habit. Almost everywhere I read about the importance and effects of regular reviews. In my everyday activities I notice the effects too –  amidst the chaos  of everyday life, the payoff of  committing myself to conducting regular reviews results in having the appropriate  response to whatever comes up. […]