David Drake’s GTD Story

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is David Drake, MS, PhD. I am a professor of microbiology & infectious diseases. I am in the Iowa Institute for Oral Health Research, College of Dentistry, University of Iowa. How did you hear about GTD? When I became an Assistant Professor many years ago, I realized that […]

Natasha’s GTD Story

About Natasha What do you do for work? I am a certified GTD Master Trainer and GTD Trainer for Level 1. I also work as an origami creator. Where do you live? My home country is Slovenia, Europe. Recently I moved from the capital to the Slovenian coast (Adriatic sea). GTD Background How did you […]

Marx’s GTD Story

Your name  Marx Acosta-Rubio What do you do for work? I own several companies and coach entrepreneurs how to be successful and happy. Where do you live? Near Dallas, Texas. How did you hear about GTD? A friend recommended the book and then I hired David Allen to be my first consultant for my first […]

There is no “perfect” way to do GTD

Your name: Jodie E Francis What do you do for work? I work for a federal government department as the information management lead for our branch’s national scientific collections housed in Ottawa, and we are in the process of moving our collections to a more modern facility. Where do you live? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada How […]

Episode #41: David Allen Talks with General Randal Fullhart

David Allen talks with General Randal Fullhart (Ret.). Graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1979, Randy has commanded at the squadron, group, and wing levels. He shares insights and tips about his own journey with GTD, teamwork, and leadership. Listen Now    Subscribe or Download iTunes Stitcher Libsyn Google Play Music Spotify […]

Suzanne’s GTD Story

Your name: Suzanne Hawes What do you do for work? Chief Human Resources, Paya Inc Where do you live? Ashburn, VA How did you hear about GTD? I was working at SC Johnson in Racine, WI. The training department needed some guinea pigs for a GTD program they were planning to roll out. I’m always […]

Community Story: John Corrigan

The GTD methodology has been absolutely transformational and revolutionary in my life. I bought the audio book three weeks ago and have listened to it twice already. Just WOW—the difference I see and what others see in me and how I manage all aspects of my life from work, family, and play is phenomenal. Thank […]

Back to school: GTD is the solution for parents

A Community Contribution from April Perry The first day of school started out great. My three oldest children dressed in their new clothes, laced up their new shoes, ate a healthy breakfast, and then headed off to school with homemade sack lunches and brightly-colored, fully-stocked pencil cases. I felt like a wonderful mom. They returned […]

A GTDer shares, "I went home and didn’t think ONCE about work"

Cindy recently participated in a GTD class at her company. She sent along an email to her facilitator about her experience. With her permission, we’re sharing her letter with our GTD Times readers. First of all, thanks for a great class! I really enjoyed it. You are an awesome instructor – very engaging and really […]