GTD Setup Guides

Our GTD Setup Guides give you step-by-step coaching on applying GTD to some of the best software tools out there. We currently have Guides for: Todoist Trello Nirvana Wunderlist OmniFocus Outlook for Windows Outlook for Mac iPhone/iPad OneNote for Windows Evernote for Windows Evernote for Mac Lotus Notes Google Apps You can get them and […]

GTD System is now available for international shipping

Many of you were excited about the new GTD System we announced last week.  But, our international GTD’ers were disappointed to find out that it could only be shipped to US & Canada.  We’re excited to let you know that we’ve aranged to have the GTD System shipped anywhere in the world through a special […]

When your desk becomes your Inbox

Ever have your desk (or office or house) become your Inbox?  Paul Garth, Director of Technology for the David Allen Company, recently moved his office space. For a short while, his entire desk was his Inbox. We couldn’t resist taking before and after photos.  As David Allen says, GTD is not about never being out […]

Learning GTD

We often get asked for our recommendations about the best ways to learn and master GTD.  As with any new skill, the best way to start is with how you like to learn.  For example, if you wanted to learn Italian you could go through audio lessons, go to an in-person class, move to Italy […]

No system is still work

One of the perplexing things I run across in presenting GTD classes is people who want to defend their lack of system as taking less time and effort than the “work” it would take to maintain a system (GTD or otherwise). There are books out now about how organizing is a waste of time because […]