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Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 by GTD Times Staff

We often get asked for our recommendations about the best ways to learn and master GTD.  As with any new skill, the best way to start is with how you like to learn.  For example, if you wanted to learn Italian you could go through audio lessons, go to an in-person class, move to Italy and immerse yourself in the culture, pick up an Italian language book or go hire a tutor.  Just depends on how you like to learn (and of course what your budget is!)

There are many ways to learn GTD as well.  You can take a class, get coached, go through the self-paced Getting Started Series on Connect, listen to David present a two-day seminar on CD, or read the GTD book….to name a few.  David has always said that he didn’t hold anything back from the book. It is the ultimate textbook for GTD.

So, if reading the book is your style, you may consider a local (or virtual) book club or discussion group to share with others also interested in learning GTD.  Chris from Dallas recently shared with us how his group focused on the GTD book by going through the five phases of workflow, which is a great way to structure a discussion.  You can read about what did and how they engaged the group with some trigger questions.

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  1. Lary Jonshan says:

    Blog! is great and links are very helpful. I am also passionate about books and it’s my style. So I am gonna join it anyhow.

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