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Date: Thursday, April 16, 2009 by GTD Times Staff

For those of you who were at the GTD Summit, you heard David mention in is opening remarks (which will be posted this week to the GTD Connect video library), the letter from the elderly woman who says she gets more inspiration from GTD than from many typical things targeted at seniors.  Here’s her letter:

Dear David,

Not your intent, I know, but again your excellent principles are  helping an elderly housewife cope with  an elderly house and even with old age itself.

I’m nearing 80 and can’t tell you what a help your maxims have been — FAR more cogent than tips from AARP and senior-health mags.   The 2 best gems, for me,  in this latest rich e-mail from you:    Eliminate residue, distraction & excess;  and,  It’s time to get clear, current and courageous.  Such post-its on fridge-front are worth a dozen crayoned tributes to Granny and cat-bedecked injunctions to Hang In There.  Online advice to oldies is to do sudoku & crosswords & jigsaw puzzles.   Not bad, but far more productive is to methodically map out practical procedures by which to implement your really excellent guiding principles.

Many thanks & best regards,


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