Episode #26 – Black Belt GTD

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017 by GTD Times Staff

What are your biggest GTD® improvement opportunities? Do you ever fall off the wagon? Join David Allen & Meg Edwards as they discuss what “Black Belt” GTD is, some of its biggest hurdles, and how you can overcome them.


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One Response to “Episode #26 – Black Belt GTD”

  1. Michael Griffiths says:

    Meg’s comment on verbs makes absolute sense to me. The dictionary definition of a verb is an action or a state of being. The “next action” is by definition going to contain a verb, so it makes sense to exploit this function. There is also something more manageable and less overwhelming about larger and more complex projects when they are broken down to “doable” actions: arrange, call, organise, find, buy, process, write, research etc.

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