Live from South by Southwest: GTD for Startups

Date: Saturday, March 08, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

Long time GTD blogger Derek Scruggs and Scott McDaniel are presenting a ‘core conversation’ this morning at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (sxsw) being held in Austin for the next 5 days. We’re all huddled in a ballroom and the GTD folks arrived early!

The topic is GTD for Startups. They are involved in a new company Survey Gizmo. The session is very hands on with real-time q and a.

They have found some good collaborative technical solutions. One is the use of IMAP, which allows for common synching of email from various clients. They use Zoho CRM (a poor man’s Sales Force) as their CRM, a majority of the collaborative features at a fraction of the price. They use Google Calendars for sharing of multiple calendars.

Slides from the session are available here.

4 Responses to “Live from South by Southwest: GTD for Startups”

  1. Robert says:

    Wahoo! We’re live!

  2. Thanks for posting the information from this really fun panel! See you around SXSW : )

  3. Eric Mack says:

    Congratulations, Robert and the GTD Times team. Well done!

  4. rpeake says:

    Thanks, Eric. Looking forward to your participation.

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