Microsoft Gives the World a Telescope

In all of our efforts to be more productive and accomplish more each day, it is sometimes easy to completely forget about why we want to do more or do the same but more efficiently – sometimes it seems, it is all to easy to walk outside on a beautiful, starlit night, and be so lost in thought that we fail to look up at the sky.

This is a shame. After all, if we are so transfixed on doing more that we lose sight of what’s important – including the beauty and majesty of nature, then we’re really missing the whole point of why one would use a system like Getting Things Done in the first place. With this thought in mind, as well as the realization that the night sky may not be all that clear where you happen to live and/or that you may not happen to be all that familiar with the constellations, I wanted to share this amazing new technology that Microsoft is giving to the world. This is the technology that according to one geek source “made Robert Scoble cry”.

(Be patient; this takes a moment to load)

[youtube: 375 375]

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