eProductivity Equation: KWP = M x T x K

workplan_sidebar_picture.png(This is the first installment in my series talking about how to ramp up quickly with GTD and Lotus Notes. This first post is actually not specific to Lotus Notes at all; it described my reference point for how I approach knowledgework.)

I began my recent eProductivity Seminar by introducing my eProductivity equation for knowledge worker productivity:

KWP = M x T x K

Put another way:

Knowledge Worker Productivity [or results] =
Methodology x Technology x Knowledge

That is, the outcome of any project will be influenced (one way or the other) by how well you use and apply (your methodology) your knowledge and tools to the problem at hand.

I believe GTD provides an outstanding framework for managing work productively – the methodology; I think that Lotus Notes can be a powerful tool for information, action, and knowledge management — the technology. As far as what your knowledge… only you know that.

Think about how this equation applies to your knowledge work. What are your methodologies (defined or undefined)? What tools do you use?

How does what you know influence the work that you do?

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  1. Great formula! I was interested in the image you used in this post, but can’t decipher the text. Can you link it to a bigger version and explain it a little bit more, or will that come in future posts?

  2. Jeroen, the graphic was provided by the host of this blog; I do not have it. It’s for illustrative purposes anyway. What’s important (at least I think so) is the formula. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Eric

  3. Jeroen, the graphic is from a European Union research project call APOSDLE (Advanced Process-Oriented Self-Directed Learning Environment). The text reads as follows:

    WP I. Work Processes
    WP II. Self-Directed Learning
    WP III. Contextualized Collaboration
    WP IV. Integrated Knowledge Structure
    WP V. Semantic Spaces
    WP VI. Requirements, Application & Evaluation

    I dumped all of that into Google… These seem to be the six work packages the project is producing.

    There’s quite a cool trailer for the system on their website: http://aposdle.tugraz.at/design/aposdle/images/aposdle_video.htm

    I’d love something like that at my workplace!


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