New Book from O'Reilly… Your Brain: the Missing Manual

your_brain_the_missing_manual.gifJust came across this announcement from O’Reilly Media for a book I imagine will be of interest to quite a few GTDtimes readers: Your Brain: the Missing Manual.

From O’Reilly’s dexcription of the book:

Your Brain: The Missing Manual is a practical look at how to get the most out of your brain — not just how the brain works, but how you can use it more effectively. What makes this book different than the average self-help guide is that it’s grounded in current neuroscience. You get a quick tour of several aspects of the brain, complete with useful advice you can apply to everyday situations.

And don’t miss the Gallery of Illustrations from Your Brain: The Missing Manual.

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  1. Good recommendation. I also like the O’Reilly book called “Mind Hacks.”

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