David Allen Live with Robert Scoble on FastCompany.tv

Date: Monday, July 21, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

fastcompany.jpgWell, I wanted to embed this file so you could see it from within GTDtimes, but unfortunately our version of Word Press won’t allow me to do that with this particular content.  Anyway, go here to check out David’s most recent video-taped interview.

4 Responses to “David Allen Live with Robert Scoble on FastCompany.tv”

  1. ajaz says:

    I get a page not found when I click on the links.

  2. ajaz says:

    Links are working now. Excellent interview and a great refresher on GTD. I know we all know GTD, but hearing it from David himself always seems to hit home.

  3. http://www.matteoionescu.com/wordpress/embed-html/

    This is a link to a plugin that will allow you to embed videos, etc. Works great!

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