David Allen Appears in Business Week

david_in_businessweek.jpgFor those of you that love to read each and every article about GTD or every interview David gives, we’ve got a treat for you today.  David Appears in a Business Week article that just went up overnight.  Allow me to state the obvious; GTD is starting to catch fire.  If you’ve been a GTD’er for ages you can probably sense the huge momentum that is starting to build – if you’re relatively new then you might not see just yet how fast this is suddenly starting to take hold of the corporate mindset.  By this time next year GTD could be the hottest business productivity strategy in the world (if it isn’t already).  What this may mean is that you should probably register for the GTD Global Summit if you haven’t already.  I have a sneaking suspicion that people that wait until the last minute to reserve their place might end up disappointed…

I don’t think the days of GTD courses as part of college curriculums or continuing business education are that far off.  I can also see how being trained in GTD could become a prerequisite for certain jobs or at least an advantage when applying for one.  I know that I consider it a real advantage that I’ve been able to get the first hand training and continuing coaching to help me implement GTD successfully.

Speaking of successful implementations of GTD I wanted to toss this out there:  what do you think of having a worst to best contest to showcase some of the community’s biggest GTD transformations?  I was thinking that having people send in pictures of their offices or even just stories about how GTD has changed their lives for the better would be a lot of fun.  The best stories would be showcased here on GTD times and I’m sure that I can find some cool prizes for the folks that get their stories posted to the site.  What do you think?  Anyone game?

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