Don't Miss Out: Free Executive WorkFlow Coaching Contest Entry Deadline Ends Soon!

Date: Thursday, October 23, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

In case you live under a rock and only check your email and RSS feeds every other week you might not have heard about the contest we’re having for a free day of Executive Workflow Coaching courtesy of the David Allen Company and GTDtimes.

This is your chance to have one of David’s personally certified GTD Workflow Coaches come to your home or office location and spend a full day helping you implement or fine tune your GTD workflow. The prize includes the full cost of a day of coaching including the expense to bring the coach to your specified locale.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to save thousands of dollars on training that has the potential to change your life by making your radically more productive. The testimonials that we’ve heard from people that have experienced this life-enhancing training are nothing short of amazing. Wouldn’t you like to add your testimonial to the list?

Well don’t delay. We’re only acceptling entries until the end of the day on October 24th so hurry over to this site and fill out an entry. THere’s nothing to buy and the hoops you have to jump through and very small. Even a caveman could do it – whether a caveman can practice GTD is debatable, however.

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