Vakil Housing makes GTD history in India

Date: Friday, October 03, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

Rolling out GTD at Vakil HousingOn the 30th of August 2008, 2 unassuming looking Indians made GTD history in Bangalore by giving the first GTD Presentation in India by Indians!

It all started out when Leslie Harradine (a David Allen Company Trainer) flew down to Bangalore, India to train our people in Vakil Housing in GTD. We realized to sustain the momentum & excitement, GTD training within the company needs to be a regular activity. We therefore decided that we need to have in-house trainers who would ensure a GTD culture sets in within the organization.

A 3 day seminar conducted by Leslie took place where she trained the Directors – Arif & Ali Vakil and Managers – Ramesh (Business Development) and Suresh (Human Resoures) to be GTD Trainers.

After the training for the next 3 months we would meet every week to practice our presentations, giving each other feedback.
A couple of days before the event, we had a call with Leslie who cleared our doubts, and gave us lots of encouragement!
2 Seminars took place. Ali & Ramesh trained the first batch, Arif & Suresh trained the second batch. Here are some photographs below of the events:

What’s Next?
To make most of the GTD Training activities we have done so far, the following are our action points:
* Add GTD as part of the appraisal system
* Create GTD groups who encourage each other to implement the GTD methodology
* Train new employees in GTD as part of the induction program
* Ensure Top Management follows GTD, to set an example for others
* Introduce creative stationary to make GTD a fun process at work

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    Great to see your progress on your GTD intitiative. Continued success!

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