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Date: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 by GTD Times Staff

You’re going to want to be sure that GTDtimes is either in your RSS reader, linked via your iGoogle or NetVibes page, that you’ve subscribed by email. The point is we’ve got some content in the hopper that you’re going to want to read.

First, we’re going to announce the big winners in the GTDtimes/David Allen Company Executive Workflow Coaching Contest. Second, seeing as how they are so popular with our readers we’ll be giving away another great book and third and most exciting we’ll be posting a brand new hour long interview that I just conducted with David. (I assume by now that everyone knows that when say “David” it means THE DAVID aka Mr. David Allen).

I’m excited about this interview which is exclusive to GTDtimes. David was kind enough to spend a full hour letting my pepper him with questions. We spent a long time discussing software, especially his new concept of “the five I’s” and we delved into some other interesting stuff besides. I won’t say more know but check back in so you don’t miss this great information.

One last note, for those of you that won a copy of “The Myth of Multitasking” don’t forget you promised to share some of what you learned with GTD readers.  So far I haven’t heard a peep.  This is your little nagging reminder – be sure to put it in your “next actions list”.  Thanks.

3 Responses to “Later This Week on GTDtimes”

  1. johnwin says:

    Looking forward to the interview :^)

  2. Roy Felts says:

    Here is my response to receiving the “Myth of Multitasking” book. I originally posted this response on 10/17 under the original review of the book.

    The book is a quick read, and the tests are pretty clever. I didn’t realize how much I was frivolously switching between tasks and losing time. I now close programs (including e-mail) I am not actively using. No more checking e-mail while waiting for a document to open, no more looking at web-sites (even GTD times) while answering a phone call. I still get e-mail and look at web-sites, but when, and for as long as I decide in advance.

    PS. Turning off programs I’m not actively using has dramatically cut down on losing focus thinking I was multitasking.

  3. Hi Oliver,

    can you please give an update to your loyal readership regarding the promised interview? When is it expected to “ship”?

    Thx in advance


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