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Date: Saturday, May 23, 2009 by GTD Times Staff

By far, one of the most popular implementations of GTD on a Mac, is with OmniFocus. It does an elegant job of GTD project and action management on the Mac and iPhone.  There’s a great write up from the “Mac Samurai”about his journey with GTD & OmniFocus. We thought you might find this useful.

(Yes, we know many of you like “Things” by Cultured Code too!)

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  1. Steve in KC says:

    I’ve been with Omni Focus since the beginning. I’ve tried to move to simpler programs, but they were all too simple. I’ve tried to move to a prettier UI, but they were too pretty. I’ve tried to move to a more effective tool, but there is no such Things. Once you’ve made the effort and spent the time with Omni Focus, you will not find a better GTD tool. Rock on, Omni Group!

  2. Having used Omni Focus for a year I found myself not very happy with the results. I have since switched to “Things” by Cultured Code and have not once felt the need to switch back or try any other task management applications.

  3. Jupiter says:

    I have worked since 2 years with omnifocus. I just bouht the iphone version. I tried about a 100 app nothing is worth than OF. It is professional, it works well, it can manage whatever you need and it is a trust system. The only thing i dont like is the ergonomy which is much better on things. But things is a kid game it has not 10% of omnifocus capacities and efficiency. Once you understand context, make them simple fid the way o manage your projects and use some focus perspective then you have a very powerful tool wich can manage anything. I love it. My only wish is that Omnigroup will make it more attractive. Jupiter

  4. Jupiter says:

    Fantastic. Omnifocus is great ! Nothing is worth than it for Mac. Things is just a kid game ! . OF is powerfull, clever, efficient a,d it works great with iphone and mobile me.
    Once you know how to manage your projects and context make it simple and use 1 or 2 perspectives it’s OK. I love it. Just hoping than in the next version omnigroup will make it more attractive.

  5. Dave S. says:

    OmniFocus is terrific if you’re on the Mac platform. Mac Samurai mentioned the ability to sync to WebDAV, which has become invaluable for me. I can enter items into OmniFocus on my office desktop, and they appear seamlessly on OmniFocus on my laptop at home. Now I just need an iPhone with OmniFocus to have my lists available on the go.

    So far I have found that OmniFocus has everything I need for the “Runway” (actions) and “10,000 ft” (projects) levels.

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