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By far, one of the most popular implementations of GTD on a Mac, is with OmniFocus. It does an elegant job of GTD project and action management on the Mac and iPhone.  There’s a great write up from the “Mac Samurai”about his journey with GTD & OmniFocus. We thought you might find this useful.

(Yes, we know many of you like “Things” by Cultured Code too!)

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  1. I’ve been with Omni Focus since the beginning. I’ve tried to move to simpler programs, but they were all too simple. I’ve tried to move to a prettier UI, but they were too pretty. I’ve tried to move to a more effective tool, but there is no such Things. Once you’ve made the effort and spent the time with Omni Focus, you will not find a better GTD tool. Rock on, Omni Group!

  2. Having used Omni Focus for a year I found myself not very happy with the results. I have since switched to “Things” by Cultured Code and have not once felt the need to switch back or try any other task management applications.

  3. I have worked since 2 years with omnifocus. I just bouht the iphone version. I tried about a 100 app nothing is worth than OF. It is professional, it works well, it can manage whatever you need and it is a trust system. The only thing i dont like is the ergonomy which is much better on things. But things is a kid game it has not 10% of omnifocus capacities and efficiency. Once you understand context, make them simple fid the way o manage your projects and use some focus perspective then you have a very powerful tool wich can manage anything. I love it. My only wish is that Omnigroup will make it more attractive. Jupiter

  4. Fantastic. Omnifocus is great ! Nothing is worth than it for Mac. Things is just a kid game ! . OF is powerfull, clever, efficient a,d it works great with iphone and mobile me.
    Once you know how to manage your projects and context make it simple and use 1 or 2 perspectives it’s OK. I love it. Just hoping than in the next version omnigroup will make it more attractive.

  5. OmniFocus is terrific if you’re on the Mac platform. Mac Samurai mentioned the ability to sync to WebDAV, which has become invaluable for me. I can enter items into OmniFocus on my office desktop, and they appear seamlessly on OmniFocus on my laptop at home. Now I just need an iPhone with OmniFocus to have my lists available on the go.

    So far I have found that OmniFocus has everything I need for the “Runway” (actions) and “10,000 ft” (projects) levels.

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