Hacking Mail and iCal for GTD

Yes, we know it makes for a great debate, but GTD really is for men or women, PC or Mac, paper or digital.  It’s an approach that gets overlayed onto the tools that work for you.  Since so many GTD’ers are on a Mac, and we’re always looking to feature a wide-range of GTD’er styles, Meghan Wilker was chosen as one of David Allen’s upcoming “In Conversation” interviews for GTD Connect members.   It will be posted on GTD Connect this summer.  We’re also excited that Meghan will soon be a regular contributor to GTD Times.

She recently did a great write up on her experience of GTD on a Mac:

My System

When I started implementing GTD about four years ago, I was working on a company PC. I configured Outlook (as outlined in the GTD and Outlook whitepaper) and everything hummed right along. Three years ago, I left that job and transitioned to a Mac. Suddenly, I was adrift without a system and I ended up falling into a trap that I think a lot of GTD practitioners (and geeks) fall into: I started over-analyzing my needs and evaluating software to the point that my system stopped working very well. I tried Backpack, Remember the Milk, OmniFocus and a score of others.  Finally, I decided the best approach would be to figure out a way to bend the applications I already use all day, every day to my will.   Read more>>>

By the way, David’s In Conversation series on Connect has featured some of the biggest GTD fans out there, including…

…and dozens more.   If you are not a GTD Connect member, you can check out the two-week free trial to listen to these interviews.

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  1. David and co., we love your work. At Artens we use GTD and being a small company, this really helps us day to day pushing for performance. We actually are planning for migrating to mac, so this is a great help!

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