OmniFocus Speed Keys

Studies show that most people will be 4 times faster on the keyboard by using shortcut keys versus reaching for the the mouse and clicking their way through menus.  You don’t need to know all of them, but certainly the keyboard shortcuts that represent the tasks you use the most can be a tremendous time saver.

One of our Coaches was recently working with someone on OmniFocus and passed along a great summary of all of the OmniFocus keyboard shortcuts. We also have these posted for Windows & Outlook.

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  1. yeah i completely agree with this. i rarely use a mouse now. it’s all keyboard based now and much faster to get around the window or linux platform or mac whichever you are using.

  2. Quick Entry is my most used keyboard shortcut.

    I use it all the time when I’m in Mail and want to add an action. I don’t have to move over to Omni Focus I can simply bring up the Quick Entry box and quickly type my action or copy and paste text.

  3. One of the best shortcuts to use on a Mac is command-spacebar. Type the first few letters of an application or document and press Enter to launch the application or document!

    I usually have to type fewer than three characters.


  4. Second what Keith mentions!

    In fact I’ve changed Command-Space to Quicksilver instead of Spotlight (my Ctrl-Space). I also use this as a quick way to switch between open applications.

    With Quicksilver I usually only type one letter.

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