GTD Connect – The more the merrier!

Date: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 by GTD Times Staff

We received this unsolicited letter from an active GTD Connect member (“Barb” on the Forums) who was so enthusiastic about the value she gets from her membership, she wanted to share it on GTD Times.

I’ve been a GTD Connect member for just a little under two years.  I’m a Dallas-based Consultant and I DO NOT make a living from writing enthusiastic reviews on GTD or have any affiliation whatsoever to David Allen Co.  But big changes have happened at the GTD Connect site and I’m writing today because of one simple fact:  The more the merrier!

GTD Connect member Brian D., one of the members who regularly contributes thoughtful posts to the forum, posed this question in the GTD Connect Forum today: “What one feature do you find most valuable on Connect?”  A lively discussion ensued, per usual.  Augusto P., another sage member, referred to Connect as his “mental gym”-a place to bounce practices and ideas off of other professionals to improve his own GTD practice.  It got me thinking about all of the changes in the last few months and what a huge difference I’ve seen in my own ability to get things done.

I admit there have been times over the last two years that I have thought of canceling my membership.  Although I enjoyed all the content available on the site, I was beginning to perceive that the value I received was less than the price charged to be a member ($48 per month or $480 per year.)  In the last 2-3 months the content has been significantly enhanced and new content is added every week.  Just a few of the things that have changed are:

  • Regular webinars on related topics:  From Procrastination to the Guided Weekly Review, these webinars give us a taste of having a Coach right there with us!  The material presented is all new and comes from many years of coaching in the field.  Joining Kelly on some of the webinars is Meg Edwards.  I had the pleasure of working with Meg through the telecoaching program at David Allen Co.  These two Coaches have probably worked with thousands of GTDers and they teach from experience.
  • Enhanced Forum postings:  The Coaches participate more than ever!   From posting pictures of their own work areas to weighing in on various discussions, we have the experts right here with us answering questions and guiding us toward improvement every day.
  • Interviews with David:  Coach Kelly regularly interviews David and other coaches in a fun and informal format designed to feel like she is just popping in to see what’s new with a co-worker.  The easy, relaxed and often fun way they interact with makes for very compelling listening.
  • Content based on member feedback and suggestions:  They are listening to our suggestions and responding quickly to our needs.  No 6-month window of development for these people!

The entire GTD Connect experience is starting to feel like a family.  From the Coaches, the staff, and member to member, there’s an experience here unlike what it was in the past.  If you tried it in the past and canceled, I’d encourage you to take another look.  And be sure to jump right into the Forum!

[Editors note:  From the whole GTD Connect team–David Allen, Kelly Forrister, the DavidCo coaching staff and member support team–thanks for the shout out Barb!]

3 Responses to “GTD Connect – The more the merrier!”

  1. Thanks for the name drop Barb! You rock!

    Very nicely said. I have to agree with Barb, if you aren’t a member and want a very valuable community to enhance your GTD experience than please join! See you on the forums!

  2. Dean Brown says:

    I, too, have gained considerably from being a Connect member. This is one of the vital personal development systems in my life and is benefiting my leadership and management considerably!

  3. Barbara Bailey Younginer says:

    You know, Dean, you bring up an excellent point. There are so many things about GTD that are excellent management and leadership tools. That’s probably one thing that draws me too it. I’m real committed to life-long learning and Connect has led me down many a path that wasn’t “strictly GTD”. Thanks for pointing that out.

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