What are the Best Apps for GTD?

A question we often get from the GTD community is, “What are the best apps for GTD?” While we would love to give you a simple answer that tells you exactly what to use, it’s not as simple as that.   GTD is tool neutral One of the first things to understand is that GTD […]

What is GTD?

Keys to the GTD® Methodology People often ask us, “So, what is GTD?” If you’re new to GTD or have been looking for a succinct way to explain it to others, check out this short video where David Allen shares the keys to the Getting Things Done® methodology. Hear why GTD can help you feel […]

Episode #43: The Power of the GTD Weekly Review®

David Allen shares his thoughts on what a good GTD Weekly Review is and isn’t, as well as some valuable tips and tricks from his years in the trenches. This episode pairs well with Episode #7, the Guided Weekly Review. David has said that the Weekly Review is the “critical success factor” in making your […]

GTD Setup Guides

Hello GTD enthusiasts! This is an update on the GTD Setup Guides that are currently available. If you’re new to these guides, they are the official GTD software setup guides from the David Allen Company to give you step-by-step coaching on applying GTD to some of the best software tools out there. We currently have GTD Setup Guides for: […]

Managing projects with GTD

Having a complete and current projects list is one of the cornerstones to GTD mastery. To support you in getting there, here are 10 keys to defining and managing projects: 1. Projects are defined as outcomes that will require more than one action step to complete and that you can mark off as finished in […]

Episode #28: GTD and Mind Mapping

David Allen and Coach Kelly Forrister talk about using the creative technique of mind mapping for project brainstorming, meeting notes, checklists, gathering project data, and more. Listen Now Subscribe or Download iTunes Stitcher Libsyn Google Play Music Spotify SoundCloud Podcast Transcript GETTING THINGS DONE AND MIND MAPPING; EPISODE 28 ANDREW MASON: You’re listening to Getting Things […]

GTD Connect – The more the merrier!

We received this unsolicited letter from an active GTD Connect member (“Barb” on the Forums) who was so enthusiastic about the value she gets from her membership, she wanted to share it on GTD Times. I’ve been a GTD Connect member for just a little under two years.  I’m a Dallas-based Consultant and I DO […]

More confidence, more ideas and more money…

A GTD’er in the U.K. wrote to David Allen recently to share his success–personally and professionally–in implementing GTD.  We thought you’d appreciate hearing what he learned in the process. Dear David, Just wanted to drop an email of appreciation. Guess you get these all the time. In 2006, a freelance website designer friend recommend your […]

The Evolution of a GTD Workspace

GTD Times recently had a post requesting that people share pics of their workspaces that had been inspired by Getting Things Done.  I contacted the Editor and she graciously suggested that I write up a little post about the evolution of my workspace and my GTD practice. When I set up my very first home […]