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Hello GTD enthusiasts! This is an update on the GTD Setup Guides that are currently available. If you’re new to these guides, they are the official GTD software setup guides from the David Allen Company to give you step-by-step coaching on applying GTD to some of the best software tools out there.

We currently have GTD Setup Guides for:
Evernote® for Windows
Evernote® for Mac
Google® Apps for Desktop
Lotus Notes®
OmniFocus® 2
OmniFocus® 3
OneNote® for Windows
Outlook® for Mac
Outlook® for Windows

You can see samples of the Guides and purchase them here.

What are we missing? What Guide should we write next? (No promises, as every tool has to pass our rigorous vetting process, but we’re always open to suggestions!)

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  1. “What Guide should we write next?”

    Things for Mac desktop, please :-).

  2. Hi, Things 3 for iPhone unless if the guide for Mac will be the same for the iPhone.

  3. Toodledo, which is an excellent online task and notes manager (and better than Todoist, by the way)

  4. My vote is for Asana because it’s incredibly popular yet there is nothing all that helpful floating around on the web as far as recommended best practices.

  5. Hi Oliver. It’s on the list for consideration, but not a frontrunner given the small number of users.

  6. Notion is blowing up right now. It’s a wonderful collaboration tool and I thing it has the power to bridge the gap between individual productivity systems and team collaboration.

  7. I would really like to see a guide for Clickup – For me the extension of GTD principles into proper project management (long and short term, gates, dependencies etc) has always been the elusive goal. I would love (and pay) if the experienced wise minds at GTD took a crack at it.

    1. I agree with Neil above… I have just discovered ClickUp, and it is amazing! I have set-up and used Asana for about a year. A recent change they made had me looking for something different. I literally stumbled on ClickUp almost by accident, but wow! The potential in this app is awesome! I would also love (and pay) to have some experienced GTD minds look at ClickUp and share some best practices. In the meantime, I’m moving all my processes, lists, and supporting docs into ClickUp as best I can because I’m finding it’s both powerful and pretty easy to learn and use. Do have a look. 🙂

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