The GTD Weekly Review event

Thanks to all of you who joined the GTD “Tweekly” Review I did this morning. Hope you found value!  Let me know if you’d like me to do another one. If the pace was a bit too speedy for you, you can always go back and review the Tweets I sent.  Here are all 11 steps to the GTD Weekly Review, for your reference:


  • Collect loose papers and materials
  • Get “In” to zero
  • Empty your head


  • Review Action Lists
  • Review past calendar data
  • Review upcoming calendar
  • Review Waiting For list
  • Review Project (and larger outcome) lists
  • Review any relevant checklists


  • Review Someday/Maybe
  • Be creative & courageous

You can also find these steps in the GTD Book, in the laminated GTD cards, and in the free article in our store.  Lots of people also like the GTD Weekly Review CD set and the new GTD System (which included one of our coaches doing a guided Weekly Review like I did.)


Kelly (@GTDCoachKelly on Twitter)

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  1. Kelly,
    Extremely helpful! Please do more.

    I’m a GTD vet, and generally keep up with the weekly reviews, but your guidance–and the five minute intervals–kept me focused. At the end of the hour, I was surprised how much I’d collected and processed into my system that I didn’t realize was orbiting “out there”. My someday/maybe list is far more current now, too.

    I truly got a lot out of the process. As long as you continue to do these, count me in!


  2. Kelly,

    I thought this was a great event. As a GTD beginner (I’ve only been doing this for about a month or two) it was great to have the focus and prompting for the weekly review.

    This was the first weekly review where I felt so much stress melt away as a result. I’ll take part in any more that you do!



  3. Thanks for this event. It was very helpful. You made the WR less of a big hill I avoid, and more of a gentle rise to gain perspective.

  4. Excellent! Time well spent and thought provoking….still thinking about it 24 hrs later. Great business application of twitter.

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