The commitments you make – tips from David Allen

Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

Question: Projects are my stumbling block. In fact, what do you do when everything you pick up seems to be yet another project (a multi-step thing to do)?  The other options are easy to me compared to managing the multi-step things to be done.

David Allen: Big key is simply to keep track of them all. And have a place either digitally or manual, to hold all relevant collateral materials and thinking. At some point you’ll either get used to lots of commitments, or make fewer. Probably both.

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  1. Since I am a blogger, I thought I had a TON of projects too until I realized that my BLOG is one big on-going project. So, I have one folder with my blogging stuff in it.

  2. Hi Kelli

    Actually, in GTD terms, your blog is an Area of Focus, not a Project. A Project would be something that you will complete in the next 12-18 months. It had a defined end. An Area of Focus is something you maintain, oversee, run, manage etc. You don’t mark Areas of Focus done really. And not all Areas of Focus have Projects. Could be that running your blog is the AOF, and each post is a Next Action.

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