GTD and Goal Setting

The reason for long-term goals is the permission they give us to identify with the greatest value we can so it changes our filtered perceptions.

GTD with Kids and Teens

Join David Allen Company CEO and GTD expert Mike Williams and Senior Coach Meg Edwards as they discuss some fun and engaging ways to share GTD with kids and teens.

How to Plan Your Best GTD Christmas

David Allen’s Natural Planning Model seriously saves my sanity on everything from birthday party planning to creating new programs for my website, so this year, I decided to use the five steps of the Natural Planning Model to create a Christmas experience that is both magical and meaningful.

Where is your projects list?

If you don’t have a clear sense of the totality of your obligations, you will always over-commit. And commitments occur on multiple levels, from “why I’m on the planet” to “need butter.” But the elevation most amorphous for most is the plane just above your physical activities — your “projects.” I have a radical definition […]