Where is your projects list?

If you don’t have a clear sense of the totality of your obligations, you will always over-commit. And commitments occur on multiple levels, from “why I’m on the planet” to “need butter.” But the elevation most amorphous for most is the plane just above your physical activities — your “projects.” I have a radical definition of a project: anything you’re committed to finish within a year that requires more than one action to complete it. Given that broad designation, most people have between 30 and 100.

  • Where’s your projects list?
  • How complete and current is it?

– David Allen

For more tips from David about projects, check out the GTD Managing Projects set. Available on CD or MP3 download.

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  1. My projects list is housed in OmniFocus and is current after a review on Monday. Feels so good!

  2. So true! Whatever the list manager (software or paper) it always feels good to have completed a recent review and know that things are current.

  3. Projects are saved alongside my Tasks in Entourage as a category with a “p:” prefix. This allows two-way sync with NextAction on Blackberry.

  4. I have my projects visible on my mirror. I review them twice a day to to keep them fresh in my mind. Nice Blog

    Andre Lewis

  5. My project list is on paper, in a nice Levenger binder, filed under “projects’, written in pencil so I can add, edit, doodle, re-organize, and see all day.

  6. Thinking Rock Apps is designed for GTD and I believe it is the most complete tool available. Take a couple of hours to orientate yourself to use the tool ( Help feature is great). I manage to migrate my INbox over to TR today.

    The challenge I have is the project list. I hve a couple of projects with action items identified ( 58 was the last count). Does this sounds overwhelming. I suppose that’s normal if you consider that a project can span over one year.

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