Seminars with David Allen

David Allen will only be doing 3 public seminars this year, so here’s your chance to learn the system with the master himself. The GTD Making It All Work course offers a higher level, more theoretical overview of the GTD concepts. It’s a fun, informative, and engaging day whether you are new to GTD or have experience with the system. You’ll get the big picture of the process, including prioritizing, applying the core GTD principles, and making change stick. Coming to San Francisco, London, and Washington, DC.  Register before July 15th with the code TIMES10 to receive 10% off any of David Allen Company public events.

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    1. Hi Greg, our US seminars are now delivered by VitalSmarts. You can see their schedule of events here:
      It looks like they have one coming up in DC.

      David Allen does occasional public events around the world. The best way to find outwhat he has coming up is to follow him on Twitter.

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