GTD Success Strategies Webinar

Date: Friday, August 20, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

David Allen will be leading a “GTD Success Strategies” Webinar for our GTD Connect members next Friday, August 27th @ 10am PDT.  He’ll share the keys for what makes GTD stick, including:

  • The habits and rituals to create
  • What to do when you fall “off” GTD
  • Creating a trusted home base for yourself
  • Creating a supportive environment around you

We’re giving away 5 seats to attend this Webinar to the first 5 people who reply with a comment (directly on GTD Times–not other feed sites) letting us know one thing you’ve implemented with GTD that has worked well for you.

28 Responses to “GTD Success Strategies Webinar”

  1. Heidi Alexander says:

    What works the best for me is simply getting EVERYTHING out of my head and into a system instead of just the stuff I think should go on a “to do” list.

  2. Scott Delinger says:

    I find that having ubiquitous electronic capture that synchronizes between all devices is key. I’ve got OmniFocus on Macs, iPhone, and the iPad. I’ve always got at least one of those at hand!

  3. Rob says:

    Inbox Zero was the best GTD practice that has really stuck with me.

  4. For me the best thing I use in GTD is the Weekly review Getting a complete overview.

  5. Dan says:

    I’ve just started, but just having everything down on a list and in appropriate lists has made a huge improvement in my stress level, and my ability to keep things organized.

  6. Paul B. / Chicago says:

    Collecting everything that comes to mind, and having a ubiquitous capture tool no matter where I am to capture those thoughts.

    Peace of mind!

  7. Rich says:

    The Tickler File has allowed me to ‘forget’ about everything that does not need my attention at this time.

  8. Judy Cohall says:

    I love the entire package, but I really resonate with the Workflow Tool. Whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed or intimidated by the volume of tasks, referring to it removes the fuzzies from my brain and the fear from my heart. It would be great if you extended the free webinar offer to a few more of us…

  9. Brandon says:

    Completing a mind sweep was great for me, and it’s gone a long way toward making my system (paper, for now) totally trustworthy.

  10. Chris Bell says:

    One thing that works for me is having Things for Mac open when I am checking email in the morning. This leads me right into a mindsweep every morning.

  11. Dennis Sherman says:

    One thing that has worked very well is identifying a single inbox. My wife and I now each have a basket in a central location, and “stuff” of all kinds gets dropped in for processing.

  12. James Reilly says:

    I’ve found a way to process e-mailed industry newsletters (I get a lot of these) . I quickly scan the newsletters, pull out hyperlinks to articles that I want to read and add them as “To Read” tasks with only the title and hyperlink (I use Outlook Tasks/Categories). This way, when I have a few minutes between other things, I can pull up the next item on the list. I make quick bullet-point notes as I read the articles and put those into my digital reference folders (I use MS OneNote). It takes a lot off my mind to know that I WILL get to reading those articles of interest.

  13. Hello…Kelly Forrister here (I head up GTD Connect and will be hosting the Webinar with David Allen)

    I’m happy to give all 12 of you who have commented guest seats to the Webinar. You will each receive an email from Citrix/GoToWebinar with your unique login ID. Check your spam folder if you don’t receive it by end of today. We’ll see you online next Friday!

    Have a great weekend,


  14. EJ says:

    The best thing I have implemented with GTD is accepting the fact I need to implement more and think less. Your GTD plan can be simple or complex but in the end it’s sticking with your plan that makes GTD work.

  15. Patrick says:

    Next Action List has been awesome. Tickler folder system is next. Everything has been a benefit so far.

  16. Garfield says:

    The one thing I’ve implemented is making sure whatever system I use is connected to my phone.

  17. ccw says:

    the weekly review has never failed to keep my next week manageable and sane.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Ubiquitous capture and later processing gives me the closest feeling to “mind like water” as I’ve ever felt. I no longer constanly run through all the stuff I have to do in my head. And I keep even my crazy creative random ideas for future things to do in my someday/maybe list, which helps too. Only been GTDing for a few months, but so far it’s been very helpful. When I finish my PhD I will have to write a thank you note to David.

  19. Claudia Volkman says:

    For me, capturing everything in one place (Omnifocus these days) via doing a regular mindsweep has been key, along with regular daily and weekly reviews!

  20. Joan says:

    The one practice that has made a difference for me is using a form I designed as a brain dump for the four focus areas of my life. I can check it when I need to see what needs to be done in a specific area and designate the next strategic actions.

  21. Ashkan says:

    Having the ability to always write something, anything down.

  22. Eric Grey says:

    I’d have to say that, after several years of solid implementation, it’s really the mindset that is working for me. In my experience, the GTD mindset is twofold. First, understanding that things are best OUT of my head and in a trusted system. Second, realizing that I can’t DO a project, I can only do discrete actions related to that project. These two things have done more to relieve stress, improve my productivity, and lighten my mental load than any other tactic, gadget or philosophy.


  23. I am starting with GTD and it gives me peace of mind.

  24. Lisa Harness says:

    For me, it has been maintaining hard edges on the different categories. Action items not mixed in with reference or someday/maybe stuff. That means that the stuff on my calendar is day specific information or appointments so that I know what needs to happen on that day. My @Waiting For list is critical because I delegate tasks, leave messages for people to return my calls, and have information that I am waiting for. Regularly checking this list for followup is part of the process and it is so helpful to have a place to put that “stake in the ground” for that item.

  25. John Lanza says:

    Is there any way to sign up without becoming a connect member? I would love to attend.

  26. Hi John,

    No, this particular Webinar is only available to GTD Connect members. You can sign up for a two-week guest pass though (if you have not done a guest pass before) and your guest pass will be valid at the time of the Webinar. That’s a great way to experience the Webinars and all of what GTD Connect offers.


  27. emmanuel arisa says:

    pls, i have just synchronized with GTDsuccess group but don’t know how to get started………..wot do i do.???

  28. Editor says:

    Hello Eammanuel,

    I’m not sure what you mean by synchronizing with the GTDsuccess group. Can you give more details?

    GTD Times Team

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