What's your standard for email?

I assert that it’s actually less effort to maintain your email inbox at zero than to maintain it at 300 or 3,000. Will it take effort? Of course. But there is gold to be mined there with a trusted practice that will have ripple effects across your workflow and motivation.

Email, calendar, & tasks in Outlook – the GTD way

If you need to get on top of your Microsoft Outlook® email, calendar, and tasks by implementing GTD, this is the webinar for you. You’ll learn the best recommendations for building a GTD system in Outlook to seamlessly handle your work and personal commitments.

How to start getting organized

How to get organized? First step is to capture into a simple ‘bucket” all of those things that are not on cruise control – anything that has your attention. Write it all down.

Why ABC Priority Codes Don't Work

Before you spend another minute creating yet another list with ABC, 123, or high-medium-low codes as a way to define your priorities, read my essay this month. You may discover there’s a more natural path for getting you what you need to get the right things done.

Working on job one

There are very few times and places we really have the appropriate energy level, tools, and uninterrupted time frames towork on some of our “most important” work.

A GTD Experiment

In a guest post on the Workshifting blog, read tips from Mike Williams, CEO for the David Allen Company (and vetted GTD coach!) on some simple ways to apply GTD. His post also includes an experiment for making your next meeting more effective.