How to clear your inbox, make decisions and generally get things done

David Allen gets right to the point about productivity in this interview with the Washington Post.

Read the full article here.


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  1. Bravo. If you claim to be a leader, you better have a clear idea of what’s going on, by getting your inboxes to zero regularly. Funny how some people like to think they’re leading, but they can’t even catch up.

  2. wow! nice to know, One of the most essence of being a leader are having clear and wide identity.You are open to all suggestions and ideas and after all things well done.

  3. David makes an excellent point about the need for capture tools. It is critical that your capture tool be with you at all times because you never know when you are going to get an idea or make some kind of commitment that you need to capture. While I agree pen and paper are excellent for this, many of us want to use our smartphones for this capture function.

    I have found Evernote is an excellent tool for this because it is available on smartphones, tablets and computers. It is free and syncs notes to all devices. Since I carry my phone with me everywhere I go I always have my capture tool with me. For more information on how I use Evernote to capture stuff go to“capture-device”-with-you-at-all-times/

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