David Allen's 5 Productivity Tips in PC World

Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

PC World asked David Allen to name five tips for productivity.  The focus is on productivity within the Windows environment, but several tips apply to Mac as well.

  1. eProductivity for Lotus Notes
  2. Blackberry synchronization with Lotus Notes
  3. MindManager from Mindjet
  4. ActiveWords
  5. Pamela Professional for Skype

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2 Responses to “David Allen's 5 Productivity Tips in PC World”

  1. Dim says:

    1. GTD plug in for outlook.
    2. Toodledo services.
    3. Google Calendar.
    4. Informant for the iPhone.

    I am considering Ceptara for Outlook instead of the GTD plug in. It has better support for Toodledo Project and Context tags – where currently only context via a free based synch.

    Has anyone had experience with Ceptara? Or has experienced migrating from GTD to Ceptara – 600 task / projects is daunting.

  2. Chris says:

    1. GTD Add-In for outlook

    2. Executor (more than a application launcher)

    3. Total commander

    4. MindManager

    5. Word expander

    These are the tools actually improving my productivity most in the Windows environment.
    You might miss the sync to a handheld/phone but to be honest most of the time I do not work with my cellphone. I have my tasks in Pocket Informant (iPhone) with the categories from the GTD Add-In but considering the time I have to do something with them on the phone I would not put them in the top 5.

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