Webinar on Maintaining Control & Perspective in the Daily Grind

The next Webinar on GTD Connect, the online learning center for the David Allen Company, will be “Maintaining Control & Perspective in the Daily Grind.” It will be held on Friday, October 15th from 10am-11am Pacific Time.

If you feel like your productivity gets hindered by latest and loudest or you don’t feel in control or have as much perspective as you’d like, this one is for you. Open to all GTD Connect subscribers (annual, monthly or guest pass). This is part of the advanced “Black Belt” series running through October, for those who have the basics of GTD down and are ready for more of the sophisticated spins on GTD.

If you can’t make the live event, our webinars are always recorded for replay on the GTD Connect website. Learn more

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  1. Excellent topic! I find that taking time for quietness each morning–whether it be meditation, prayer or some other mind clearing exercise–is such a help in this area.

    To your brilliance!

  2. Hello Bart — the great thing about GTD is that it works with all kinds of software. So you can try various applications and choose what works for you. It’s important that you like the tool, so you will use it consistently and develop trust in your system. It doesn’t matter if everyone else says it’s the best. It only matter if it’s the best one for you.
    — John

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