GTD Nuggets – Success doesn't come from getting organized

Date: Monday, December 27, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

Success doesn’t come from getting organized—it comes from following your heart. Or your intuition. Or the seat of your pants. Or your gut. (Pick the words you like or that you’re not allergic to.)  -David Allen

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  1. Hi David:

    That’s a great mantra, it’s so true. When advising my 3rd year doctoral student who are approaching the decisions to be made about their dissertations –I tell them to select a topic and study that is personally important to them, that they really care about. If they go for what they think might be convenient, or more distant, I let them know that reading the academic literature, the “journals” –no matter what the topic– is deadly, and if they aren’t engaged in a topic about which they feel passionate, it will be absolutely intolerable.

    Happy holiday to you and to all of the wonderful people at GTD/Davidco.


  2. Kelly Forrister says:

    Thanks Lynn! Back to you as well!

  3. That’s why I like David Allen so much. I agree! Follow your heart everytime not your head. You get more done when your happy! Steeler Nation Pittsburgh,PA

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