Start your new year with GTD

Here is how our 2011 GTD® Mastering Workflow public seminar schedule is lining up so far:

Atlanta – Jan 25, 2011

St. Louis – Jan 27, 2011

Chicago – Feb 22, 2011

Seattle – Feb 24, 2011

London – Mar 3, 2011

Washington DC – Mar 11, 2011

Los Angeles – Mar 15, 2011

Washington DC – Jun 24, 2011

This is a very tactically oriented, hands-on seminar on how to get your GTD system up and running. You will learn the fundamental GTD thinking process and start to build a trusted workflow system. Led by our senior presenters, who have extensive experience working with a wide range of people and organizations around the world. This one-day presentation is packed with practical recommendations and suggestions about how to put GTD to work for you—at work, at home and in everything you do.

We’re adding new locations all of the time, so be sure to check the schedule often, or subscribe to Productive Living, for a city near you!

We are always happy for your suggestions too. Please leave a comment letting us know where you’d like to attend a GTD seminar.

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  1. Hi, Rachelle here, Director of Public Events for David Allen Co. Thanks for your input! Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll offer public seminars in Australia this year, but we do plan to be in Texas in April – keep checking out our schedule!

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