Are You Micromanaging Your Mind?

One of the greatest traps in growing a business is also a pitfall for self-management: If you don’t trust your system, you can’t let go of operational details and you’ll limit your ability to create at a bigger level. Many successful entrepreneurs I have worked with over the years could be characterized (and have been, […]

10 Tips for Success with GTD

I was reading a great article about creating fitness habits and realized every key point the author made about exercise could be applied to GTD®—especially for anyone still trying to get their systems off the ground and build sustainable habits. Inspired by that article, here are 10 easy tips for success with GTD: 1. Start […]

What's your standard for email?

I assert that it’s actually less effort to maintain your email inbox at zero than to maintain it at 300 or 3,000. Will it take effort? Of course. But there is gold to be mined there with a trusted practice that will have ripple effects across your workflow and motivation.

Email, calendar, & tasks in Outlook – the GTD way

If you need to get on top of your Microsoft Outlook® email, calendar, and tasks by implementing GTD, this is the webinar for you. You’ll learn the best recommendations for building a GTD system in Outlook to seamlessly handle your work and personal commitments.

How to start getting organized

How to get organized? First step is to capture into a simple ‘bucket” all of those things that are not on cruise control – anything that has your attention. Write it all down.

What do you consider is your work?

The stress many people feel can be directly attributed to the avoidance of daily and weekly catching up—with the flood of emails, voice mails, meetings, projects, and other informational and actionable items.

Start your new year with GTD

Here is how our 2011 GTD® Mastering Workflow public seminar schedule is lining up so far: Atlanta – Jan 25, 2011 St. Louis – Jan 27, 2011 Chicago – Feb 22, 2011 Seattle – Feb 24, 2011 London – Mar 3, 2011 Washington DC – Mar 11, 2011 Los Angeles – Mar 15, 2011 Washington […]

The 5 Keys to GTD

What are the keys to the Getting Things Done approach? Capture everything that has your attention Decide exactly what each item means Organize the results in appropriate places Review & reflect at each horizon Make trusted choices about what to Do New to GTD? Read What is GTD®?

A GTDer shares, "I went home and didn’t think ONCE about work"

Cindy recently participated in a GTD class at her company. She sent along an email to her facilitator about her experience. With her permission, we’re sharing her letter with our GTD Times readers. First of all, thanks for a great class! I really enjoyed it. You are an awesome instructor – very engaging and really […]

A Reverend shares how he implemented GTD

Rev. Chip Granthan sent this letter along to the facilitator who led the GTD Public Seminar he attended in Atlanta. Chip was happy to have this shared with our GTD Times readers too. I’d been trying to find the tool to bring clarity to my situation and had stumbled upon the GTD Coordinator® that Staples […]

Getting started with GTD

One of the most common questions we get is how to get started with GTD. New people, especially, will ask this after coming to us dazed and confused by what GTD is really about. And, lots of people seem to be hoping a piece of software will teach them GTD. Sorry, but that’s kind of […]

Tips for managing email with GTD

A GTD’er wrote to us to ask what resources we have for helping her manage email. She wrote that email is “vying for top ten on my list of overwhelming.” Here’s what one of our coaches shared: There are a few excellent resources from the David Allen Company for applying the GTD methods to your […]

The GTD Best Practices Series

Do YOU know the best practices of GTD? Although they’ve been recorded for our GTD Connect online learning center, we have been posting the GTD Best Practices series to our free public podcast as well, for all to benefit from. These informal podcasts are a great way to learn the essentials of GTD. Here is […]

The Master Key to Clarity

The master key to clarity is maintaining a complete and current inventory of all your commitments and agreements with yourself. You need to capture, clarify, and organize them, so you can constantly review and reflect on the totality of your engagements with the world, so you can trust your choices about what you’re doing, moment […]

GTD isn't just the "flavor of the month"

Dear David Allen, Today marks the four-year anniversary of the day that I watched a taping of your Mastering Workflow seminar.  It’s the day that I started a journey from chaos and overwhelm to order and sanity.  Some thought that my GTD journey was just a phase, that it would be my “flavor of the […]