Tips for managing email with GTD

Date: Thursday, March 04, 2010 by GTD Times Staff

A GTD’er wrote to us to ask what resources we have for helping her manage email. She wrote that email is “vying for top ten on my list of overwhelming.” Here’s what one of our coaches shared:

There are a few excellent resources from the David Allen Company for applying the GTD methods to your email:

  1. The GTD Setup Guides, specific to your tool, will cover the best practices of email.
  2. There is a terrific free article called “Getting Email Under Control” that covers this issue as well.
  3. Our GTD Connect online learning center also runs regular Webinar classes on topics such as email. There is a Webinar in the Archive Library called “Managing Email” that you should find useful. GTD Connect is $48 per month (cancel anytime) or $480 per year (one-year commitment.)
  4. Our public GTD Mastering Workflow classes cover email best practices. These one-day classes are a great way to learn all of the GTD essentials, including email.
  5. There are loads of posts on GTD Times on the topic of email. Search on the keyword “email” or follow the tag.

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  1. Hey David –

    Fantastic resources! I can relate to having an inbox that has a heavy traffic flow. These guides really help take the hassle out of the process.


    Jonathan Flaks

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