GTD isn't just the "flavor of the month"

Dear David Allen,

Today marks the four-year anniversary of the day that I watched a taping of your Mastering Workflow seminar.  It’s the day that I started a journey from chaos and overwhelm to order and sanity.  Some thought that my GTD journey was just a phase, that it would be my “flavor of the month”.  They were wrong, and now they are wishing that they had the same level of relaxed control in their lives as I do now.

My excitement for GTD has never tapered off; in fact it grows over time as I frequent the forums and the articles at GTD Times contributing to and learning from other people’s GTD journeys.  GTD has enriched my life like no self-improvement program has ever been able to do.  On this, my fourth anniversary of living the GTD lifestyle, I offer you my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everything that you’ve done for me and others around the world.

F. Luke Funfar
Vice President of Communications
Savannah Green Homeowners Association

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  1. How can one obtain a copy of the Mastering Workflow seminar (by download or dvd)? I’m in Australia so actually attending a seminar is unlikely.

  2. Hi Charles,

    Your options for seeing David present a seminar are:

    The GTD Live audio set (this is actually the full 2 day class)
    GTD Connect–our online learning center–which has loads of seminar excerpts and training audio and video content. Connect is $48 a month (cancel anytime.) You can join for a month to check watch all of the seminar pieces you want, then hop off if you got what you need.
    Connect has a huge international membership base to be able to take classes and learn GTD remotely.

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